godMONSTER – The Discordian Society

For the past three years there has been a constantly growing underground force within the industrial scene in the shape of the Washington hell rock band Scream Machine. A greater intense awareness in 2011 has seen their ‘stock’ leap in recognition and acclaim as an ever increasing fan base discovers their dark flavoured charms and notable exponents of the industrial scene eager to use their formidable skills. Now hot out of the studio arrives The Discordian Society, the first EP from one half of Scream Machine Sindelle Morte, with her new side-project godMONSTER.

Anyone expecting the challenging and sinister, hellish sounds from her ‘day job’ think again, with godMONSTER Sindelle takes the listener on a rewarding journey through her thought provoking and expressive soundscapes. Where with her Scream Machine persona Sindelle stands and defiantly portrays each songs premise, theme and controversial statements musically and verbally directly and forcibly, here she crafts songs that wrap themselves around the listener, ambient and emotive caresses spiced with dark macabre elements that frequent her musical world.

The Discordian Society delivers five distinctly varied and immense tracks that induce imagery and take thoughts down to the shadowed terrains explored by the sound. The songs individually play on an emotive feeling and instead of swiftly stretching and bringing in associate elements they centre on the one thing examining as well as inciting the listener to themselves consider and become part of the whole experience.

The EP opens with the dark exuberance of ‘Grind’, a track that from the moment its resonating beats throb and spread their welcoming fingers thrills and excites in equal measure. The song is an immediate statement that this is something completely different from Sindelle’s fertile mind and also proof of what many have suspected for a while that there is a much larger pool of creativity within her. The track plays with what its title states but carries the lure of the captivating darkness all sweet evils instinctively have.

Gravedancer’s Nocturne’ takes the stage next with a vibrant swirl of electronic beauty recalling the likes of Landscape and very early Ministry with its delightful swells and hooks. As with the first and revealed in the subsequent songs, Sindelle reduces her vocals to an additional instrument rather than a focal point and it works wonderfully. The music alone provides all the weaponry to inspire and render the emotion and content the song has, the songs audio imagery of the strongest level.

Digital Waste’ is the one track that carries a more tangible link to the sound of Scream Machine, its poignant musical cybernetic commentary as powerful as any spoken scathing word; the heady throaty bass sound that storms through the track is brutal and glorious in equal measure too and demands repeat play within seconds of its close.

The remaining tracks ‘Necromancer’ and ‘Zombie Fantasy’ bring a mellower ambience and dare one say tenderness that the electro witch hides well in her other musical guise. This is not to say the songs are soft or less powerful in effect rather they reflect the thoughtful and layered creativity that her more direct work shields without a concentrated focus. The two songs play like a duo the first casting the melodic spell to enable the latter to lay its mesmerising dance at our ears.

The Discordian Society is a fascinating and beguiling joy that will pleasure anyone’s ear and senses. Its creativity and inspiring sounds plays like a kaleidoscope of musical colours tinged with a dark essence that intrigues and feeds all caliginous hearts.

To find out more and future projects as well as to download The Discordian Society for free go to the brand new label of godMONSTER and Scream machine Digital Pain Productions  http://digitalpain.moonfruit.com/

RingMaster 01/09/2011

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  1. there is a band named Discordian Society. God monster might want to check copy rights and trade marks before further advertising this release.

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