Bones – Self Titled EP

Some bands and releases are like ticking time bombs, building up to a cataclysmic crescendo, no such formalities with Chicago band Bones, they just go off big style in your face from the first note. Like a grenade without a timed fuse they immediately explode with a crushing, intense, and overwhelming devastation on the ear with their raw and dirty blend of death metal, thrash and punk. The self titled EP from the Illinois trio is a vicious violation that hits with scant regard for the welfare of the listener, its feral guttural intensity ripping down the walls of safety, and it is a very satisfying feeling.

    Bones emerged from the demise of Chicago metalers Usurper, the threesome of Jon Necromancer (vocals/bass), Carcass Chris (guitar), and Joe Warlord (drums) combining with a hard and fast concoction of noise that lays waste whilst giving bountiful pleasure at the same time. The sound they bring via their debut EP is an impressive mix of older death/thrash leanings infused with some hard punk and modern defiant aggression, resulting in some of the best rock ‘n’ metal around.  

March Of The Dead’ starts the pummelling with a riff right out of the Motorhead songbook, heavily laced with gravelly vocals and hardcore intrusions it is an incessant assault with no demands or designs except in leaving a mark upon the listener. The first of the three standout tracks  ‘Bloodlust’, swiftly takes over with equal spiteful intent ripping out the senses as it bitch slaps the ear relentlessly. The forceful spinal riff to the track is something out of a darker Ministry moment and laid alongside a great filth coated groove the mixture is glorious.

Complimenting this track in quality and immensity are the songs ‘Apocalyptic Warrior’ and the brilliant ‘Lovely Death’ though it must be stated every track on the release is of the highest order and satisfaction. The first of the two a cover of the song from Chicago legends Devastation, is a rampaging collision of thrash /punk riffage and power, it’s stalking of the ear as it rumbles with incessant and inciting riffs and a dark lingering groove predatory. The second of the pair is simply the best thing on offer, the mosh inducing riffs that wind their way into the ear as the vocals scrape the walls on their passage is dirty flea bitten rock ‘n’ roll at its best. Again echoes of Motorhead ring out and with flavours of the likes of Discharge and Agnostic Front flying in formation alongside it delivers with devastating and stunning effect.

 Bones the band and the release are raw, dirty, aggressive and straightforward in every aspect. Songwriting, performance and in production they carry no frills, delivering an uncomplicated stern and completely agreeable raid on the senses. Across the tracks there is also a varied construction that though the overall approach is uniformal throughout the release, it gives each song a distinct identity too and the resulting array of grinding and incisive riffs is a prized asset of the EP.

For a debut it is not only an extremely impressive release but equally the bearer of a tenacious belief of even greater things ahead from the band. They may not be bringing anything openly new to the table musically here but they definitely hold the key elements to any great band in their grasp, musical skill, blood soaked attitude, and heart.

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