Beyond Dreams Of Grandeur – Self Titled EP

Birmingham emo rockers Beyond Dreams Of Grandeur release their debut EP September 12th with the acclaim of ‘their captivating blend of melodic hardcore’ on the press release. Now this is not strictly true, yes the band certainly have some intelligent and delightful melodies and at times they do captivate with some impressive musical creativity and play, but despite the occasional nod to the sub genre with growls and the occasional raising of intense metallic surges the quintet are definitely nowhere near attaining a hardcore or post hardcore sound. This is said just as to not confuse people but if good strong melody driven guitar sounds with emotive vocals and lyrics are to your flavour then Beyond Dreams Of Grandeur and their self titled release should without doubt be checked out.

Since forming in late 2009 the band has worked tirelessly to write and develop their sound whilst gigging as often as possible. A few changes as people were tried led to a settled line-up in 2010 of founding members vocalist Joe Morton, and guitarists Chris Green and Will Sanderson plus Chris Daccus on bass and Green’s brother Jack on drums, though since recording the EP he has left the band. Throughout that year the band worked hard with intense rehearsals and a string of impressive live shows, all part of the preparation for this their debut release.

Each song on the EP bristles with strong riffs, upbeat cutting guitars, and melody-drenched choruses combining to make satisfying tracks that even without exploring new avenues are still pleasing and an indication Beyond Dreams Of Grandeur are a band that are going in the right direction. For a debut it is a definite positive for the band even if not a flawless release.  

Dust Bring Shells’ opens up the EP bringing an abundance of crashing riffs, direct harmonies, and pounding riffs behind the smart melodic flows. Subsequent tracks keep the level up confidently though the closing two tracks ‘The World Loves An Underdog’ and ‘Sobriquet’ do stand head and shoulders over the others. Both have a mellower controlled feel to them and show the band when taking a calmer approach has a more distinct sound than shown on the other tracks which at times sound like many other bands supplying similar sounds. The tracks also show vocalist Morton in his strongest light. The opening three songs which are strong and skilled do lose some of their appeal with his variable vocals though it seems more down to the production on his sound rather than himself. On the closing duo of tracks this is proven as he and the band blend well and everything falls into place and gives definite proof that the band has a bright future.

Beyond Dreams Of Grandeur with their bold and solid sounds will appeal to all who like a taste of 30 Seconds To Mars, Exit Ten, and Fightstar, the excursions into emo drenched expressive and melody soaked songs that fills the band’s EP will bring delight and excitement to their ears.

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