Goregast – Desechos Humanos

The new and third album from German band Goregast is an aggravated ravenous beast with the sole intention to violate the senses with bone-crushing aggression and eagerly rampant brutality. The Berliners release Desechos Humanos September 6th on FDA Rekotz, an album primed with nine blitzes of exceptional old school styled death metal/grindcore blended sounds that leaves bodies shattered wrecks as it pleasures the ear.

Desechos Humanos carries tastes of punk and apparent hardcore flavourings in their death metal wall of sound bringing distinct elements to the release that sets it apart excellently from other similar extreme metal offerings from other bands.  Each track is infused with instinctive dark fast grindcore riffs, creative hooks, and stirring guitar play within the bombardment of aural intensity and overall the album delivers a strongly consistent and varied aggressive attack.

The title track opens Desechos Humanos with impressive effect, like an awakening monster it slowly stalks the ear with a chilling sinister cinematic felt piano entrance before pouncing with explosive energy as vocalist Rico Unglaube growls from the depths of his being. The ominous ponderous dark rhythms of bassist Ronny Thiel and drummer Josch Stritzke consume the senses, laying the frame for the driven intense guitars of Rico Krause and Steve Kleinert to ignite the black atmospheric vapours into a full on punishing assault.  

The origins of the band began back in 1993 when they were called Distress, after a de-activation of the band from 1998 to 2004 the band re-emerged with a name change to Goregast inspired by the village Gorgast near one of the bands birth places. The band released two well received and acclaimed albums showing the bands ability to write music of the deepest and darkest direct aggression fuelled by intense political and incisive views. Desechos Humanos itself deals with such aspects of the human disease that are sadists, rapists, anything that affects people, lyrically the album hitting as hard as the crushing sounds Goregast create.

Puerco de Dinero’ next steps up to increase the assault, its senses stripping razor sharp attack delivered briefly and with relish. With a sound that has touches of Sepultura/Brujeria the song throws a maelstrom of riffs and power with fervour at the listener. The track is an exceedingly satisfying punch of sound setting up the albums best track ‘Honor The Dead’. This song is a compelling intrusive grinding groove driven array of pummelling riffs that engages and traps the willing ear within its addictive charms. The album is strong in every track but this song is the band at its height, excellent drumming, pulsing basslines, dark striking guitars, and the ever varied and powerful vocals of Unglaube in full intimidating flow.

The album right through the remaining tracks such as the obsessive ‘Corta La Coleta’, the disorientating ‘The Boozer’, and the thumping groove laden joy of ‘Unslave Yourself’, continue the unbridled bullying to a very satisfying degree. Desechos Humanos is a relentless and vibrant release that many will find too harsh but for most who delve into the wonderfully direct and uncomplicated songs within it they will welcome the abrasive and rewarding transgressions of Goregast upon their souls.

RingMaster 24/08/2011

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