Gorgy -Birth of Damnation

Kentucky band Gorgy bring forth and create within, the blood soaked true roots of death metal/grindcore delivering a sound as brutal and defiling as the premise and lyrical content of their music. The songs on the band’s debut album Birth Of Damnation on Horror Pain Gore Death Productions, infiltrate the senses using the vilest of subjects and intensive sounds, nothing is too much or avoided. Humanity is the cause of some of the sickest topics and Gorgy is unafraid to use and share with their listeners.

Birth Of Damnation is an onslaught of visceral sound and intent but also uniquely creative with veins of incisive and striking melodies and diversions to aid the challenge of their aggressive and invading sound. Vocally the album is guttural, a growling intense primal intrusion matched and complimented by the devastating riffs and varied scorching sonic shafts of sound that permeate each track.  

Gorgy began in 2008 when guitarist Kelly “Taker” McCoy, drummer Clint Glasscock (ex-Scars of Suffering), bassist Chris Haynes (ex- Imbrued Deceit), plus guitarist/vocalist Jeremy Miller and vocalist Bobby Snook (both formally Internal Malice) teamed with the intention to create diverse songs through a collaborative compositional efforts, a multi handed responsibility for writing music and lyrics. Birth Of Damnation is the result and proof of their success, a release that drives variants in music and thoughts with the strongest and at times most uncomfortable of sounds.

From the opening track ‘Welcoming The Gore’ the intriguing nightmare of Birth Of Damnation hits hard, throwing dark harsh vocals on top of rampaging riffs at the ear. Powerful and consuming the music invades every one of the senses, claiming victims with an insurgent attack and sonically intrusive groves and grinds. Immense though the sound is the band mixes it up with stylish and inventive diverting sounds and detours, placing seamless breakdowns and unexpected moves within the covering wall of sound gives intrigue and great variation to the song, a mark of all the eight statements of intent upon the release in fact.

Birth Of Damnation will not be for everyone, its harsh directness and overwhelming power even with the vibrant individual inventions of melodic sonic sounds that layer the aggressive slabs of noise being too intense and forceful for them to look into the depths of the music on show. This is a shame as the skilled songwriting and its realisation is impressive even if at times a worthy challenge to seek out. Tracks like the crushing ‘Retaliation Of Your Disease’, the masterful power of ‘Disgorge The Child’, and ‘May Cause Birth Defects’ disturbing and unsettling, all bring a freshness to the genre that cannot and should not be ignored. The consistency across the album is commendable and no track is weak against another, Birth Of Damnation a solid and pleasing package in every aspect.

Anyone with a healthy enjoyment and head for the likes of Cannibal Corpse, Immolation Obituary, and Carcass go directly to your nearest access to hear and grab Birth Of Damnation. Gorgy bring you what you already like and much, much more.

RingMaster 23/08/2011

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