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There had been strong stirrings about Australian rock band Age Of Menace from the moment they posted two demos online last year soon after formation; a growing swell of enthusiasm that the bands self titled EP released on September 9th will rapidly increase and confirm was very justified. Many debuts carry plenty of promise of big things ahead as well as an instant attraction but it is rare when as in the case of the Sydney quartet’s release and The RingMaster Review there is that exciting understanding and syncing between listener and band, that moment a heart held favourite band rises bringing joy, satisfaction and inspiration.

The Age Of Menace EP is an extremely impressive blend of melodic rock and metal bringing formidable riffs and energy alongside creative and engaging melodies. The release consists of five tracks that in the bands own words “explores some dark themes, and is influenced by both personal experience and world events”, certainly the emotional power and striking lyrics have a personal touch and a firm insight on worldly issues that are insightfully written.  

The EP starts off with ‘In My Mind’, hitting immediately with driving heavy riffs and harmonious vocals from Rob Smith and the band backing him. Smith’s voice is strong and clear, guiding the lyrical content smoothly into the ear. Pete Ross with wonderfully eagerly expressive guitar play lights up the track over the very pleasing rumbling bass of Matt Lyon and the ‘take charge’ drumming from Adam Breakspear, combined they are an impressive and striking band.

   ‘We Don’t Like You’ surges forth next from a mellow opening few moments. The song has a Gruntruck flavouring whilst Smith brings a delivery reminding of Glenn Danzig. The song is brief and incisive, again excellent riffs breaking out agreeably amongst the finer melodic interplay, something that is repeated in the next song ‘I Fall Down’. The track which is also the video from the EP is a intense blend of light and dark in that at times they instil thoughts of bands like Stone Temple Pilots and in others Pantera though it is not clear why as they do not really sound like either. The track with its video will be the gateway for many more fans to find the glory of Age Of Menace and as it epitomises what the band offer perfectly there is no better way in.

The final couple of tracks are the brilliant ‘Just Rise Above’ and the direct attacking ‘Shut You Down’. The first of the two is a domineering thrust of melodic rock and explosive metal that settles deep in the head and lingers long after the tracks closes off. With the incessant delights of a Therapy? and aggression of Pitbull Daycare the song does not take it easy on the ear even in the melodic flowing parts and is a complete triumph. The latter of the pair is as intense but with a lighter  grip, its smart construction and delivery showing that though the track may not be as instantly accessible as others on the release with their robust energy and riff powered aggression the band is a rounded and skilful unit in songwriting, ideas, and delivery.

Age Of Menace are a band to watch, they will make a very distinct mark in rock and make it swiftly. Their debut EP is the reason for such a claim, the proof and evidence so go see why, you will be rewarded with one of the freshest and most vibrant releases this year.

The Age of Menace EP will be released digitally worldwide through all major online outlets, with the “hard copy” CD itself available only via the band’s website or at their shows September 9th.

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  1. Seen these guys 1st 2 shows & will not be missing the E.P. launch this Sep 23rd at the Annandale, already bought my tix through their link using Paypal with FREE Postage and they arrived today along with my FREE Sealed 5-track E.P. all for $15 each with free post. Man can’t wait these guys ROCK.


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