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The two years since the debut album from UK metal band Tricore has been a tortuous long wait for their legion of loyal fans, Less Than Man... More Than Rabbit making an indelible mark upon the metal hearts of so many including The RingMaster Review. Their unique creations of heavy riffs and energetic sounds fused with instinctive melodies and diverse engaging hooks feed and inspire any metal loving heart with immense satisfaction.

Though there has been apparent quiet on the Tricore front until now the quartet have been working on their melodic rock project An Entire Legion, but great as this sister band is there is nothing quite like the hard striking metal of Woking’s Tricore in full flow so the anticipation of more music from the band has been eager, strong, and impatient. The Follow EP ends the suffering showing that the wait was more than worthwhile with four stunning tracks plus an equally impressive free song as a free extra.

From the very first listen to Tricore the noticeable thing other than their immense skill in songwriting and playing is a sound that is theirs alone, it stands in its very own private corner with a distinct and exclusive identity and any bands one mentions in comparison just give mere hints to the band’s music and not a true description.

The EP hits hard from the first note of opener ‘When We Were Kings’, the riffs heavy and urgent feasting on emotions as the ear immediately sucks in the big bursting sounds. The driving guitars and bass riffs of Rich Wood and Mark Carstairs are soaring and direct into the ear. The track has everything, big sounds, delicious hooks, forceful beats from Chris Kerley on drums, and an excellent vocal delivery from him, his smooth powerful tones a perfect link between the melodic elements of the song and its pounding assault.

Mary Sockins’ picks up the baton next and keeps up the high quality, though that also applies to every track on the EP. The band may have taken their time before releasing another assault of songs since their album but they have not lost any of their might and potency in song writing and performance. The crushing riffs tempered by the controlled voice of Kerley and the humour laced lyrics makes perfect companions to please the hardest metal heart, adding the at times delicate atmospheric sounds of Luke Sedman with his synth and sample skills this and each song is extremely well balanced and impressive.

Small World’ has a firmer touch from Sedman, the song carrying a Fear Factory/Static X sensibility as the band once more strikes hard and fast. The break to a slow melodramatic part is seamless and builds to a closing crescendo that gets the pulse racing. ‘This Is Love’ hits like a sledge hammer, the machine gun drums drilling and scarring as guitars play alongside majestically. The track is belligerent, angry and metal at its very best, there are no bands that fly like a missile in the ear with ultimate destruction whilst delivering the best inspired melodies and hooks to intrigue and grab attention with originality.

The bonus song shows the band and their humour in full flow. Inspired by the Star Wars universe ‘Chew We Love’ is an emotional, heartfelt tear jerker……………ok truth is it is simply damn funny and yet another slice of Tricore musical brilliance that completes one of if not the best releases of metal this year so far.

Since the recording of Follow guitarist Rich Wood has left the band and though one would imagine he will be sorely missed the future for Tricore is surely one of impending mass recognition. Their album stirred the fires now Follow should send large sparks out to light up many more lives make yours one of them.

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