Prince Edward Island – This Day Is A Good Enough Day

In the same vein and truth of things that permeates right through the songwriting and lyrics of Prince Edward Island let us make a declaration about the band’s debut album This Day Is A Good Enough Day. The simple truth is that This Day Is A Good Enough Day just might be one of the best albums that will be heard this year and certainly will grace the top ten lists of all those that enjoy well written songs, emotional and heart sourced words, and music that wraps loving arms around the listener whilst the vocals reveal the reality and truth of life. The album relays to the listener portraits of isolated lives, giving us insight into and excerpts of knowing situations and acceptance of the thought that ‘life is not all it is cracked up to be but it will be ok you’ll see, just go along with it’. The album is a sunshine laced bundle of relationship truths and reality wrapped up in compulsive, engaging, and completely addictive songs.

London based Prince Edward Island who formed in 2005 upon realisation that music to them was much more than sharing each other’s Chemikal Underground Records, state in their bio that “We hail from the nation’s darkest fringes such as Fife and Ashington. We write about what we know of; trawler-trash town love affairs, of being trapped in failing relationships and of youth squandered. We have been described as sounding like ‘a band playing with boxing gloves on’”. From the moment the first track on the album ‘I Nearly Don’t Love You, But Not Quite’ lays down its brief but effective melancholic statement the truth of their words are evident.  It must be noted though that This Day Is A Good Enough Day is not a depressing or a mood darkening release, the incisive wit, immense harmonies and simply wonderful creativity has the ears and heart singing in unison throughout.  

Each song is a musical picture book revealing and inspiring images and thoughts that probably most will have felt or have seen themselves in relationships that outstay their welcome and lives that just accept what they have no matter the clouds it brings. There are no pipe dreams any more just a too easy an acceptance of the reality of lives living an expectation and lacking a fight to go for more.  Tracks like ‘Are Your Mother-In-Law and Your Mother In Love?’, ‘Sex In The Morning (I’m Coughing, You’re Yawning)’, and ‘It’s All Over Bar The Shouting’ all imaginatively and brilliantly portray these lives, even with the inspired humour and clever use of words the emotive power of tracks are always strongly evident. In many ways Prince Edward Island are the musical equivalent of some of the classic Scottish comedy shows like Still Game, behind the humour is a bare truth and life for so many.

Prince Edward Island have a sound that in some ways recalls the early Postcard Records days as well as being part of a new surge of emotive and melancholic feeling bands lyrically and musically, joining the likes of Letters and Ideals though  Prince Edward Island do bring something more which is not easy to define but certainly very satisfying. At times the band that comes to mind whilst listening is 80’s Scottish band Josef K, partly because of vocalist and guitarist Darren Bruce’s great accent that adds to the feeling of every track and also the incisive and at times quite aggressive guitars of Bruce, Phil Pearce and Nick Elleray.

The band is completed by Faye Davies who enhances every track with her vocal backing and harmonies plus flowing and stylish keyboard sounds as well as lots of extra touches such as the stylophone and glockenspiel, and drummer Jon  Hodges who at times though understated behind the great array of sounds he supports, gives a wonderful touch and feel to the songs.

Three tracks especially stand out amongst  eleven gems, the impressive and pulsating ‘Let’s Stay In and Go To Town’, ‘ The Keith Disaster Fund’ which almost verges on a punk feel in many ways, and the best track and single from the album ‘You Look Like I Need A Drink’. This song gives you all you need to know about Prince Edward Island, enjoy its deep charms and you will drool over an album that though perfection can never be achieved has a damn fine stab at it.

Prince Edward Island is the band everyone should make their mission of the day to explore, then adoption of  their single and soon to be released album This Day Is A Good Enough Day as their life’s soundtrack in consolation or inspiration is sure to follow. It is a reward all should have in their ears

This Day Is A Good Enough Day is released via Crocfingers Record on Monday the 29th August.

The single ‘You Look Like I Need A Drink’ can be heard below

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2 replies

  1. I’m utterly biased as we know & love this band. But, great review.

  2. Well done PEI – Love it ! Keep up the good work guys and hope you get the recognition you so deserve. xx

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