Never The Last Breath – The Price Of Diversity

From out of the blue there is a new breath of freshness and wash of vibrancy and ingenuity that will surely inspire musicians and fans alike. The EP The Price Of Diversity from Never The Last Breath is impressive and dynamic showing a band with full confidence in their sound and ability as well as songwriting. In the two years since forming the quintet from the Burton/Derby area has evolved into an instinctive and complete band with total control in all they do, The Price Of Diversity is wonderful proof of the tight and creative band they have become.

As well as the bands obvious abilities what is great about The Price Of Diversity is the unpredictability of their music. They incorporates numerous flavours and influences from pop punk, death metal, alternative, hard rock and much more, absorbing and weaving it into their own distinctive and exciting sound. Music like this is what makes waking up each morning a joy.

The eight tracks that make up The Price Of Diversity are truly impressive from beginning to end and it is surprising and in many ways sad that Never The Last Breath have not come to the notice outside of their locality before now though with this EP that is sure to change, their time is now without doubt.  

After the brief image inducing intro of ‘Chimes’ the EP erupts into thrilling life with ‘Persona’. The track is immense with a stirring deep throaty bassline veining striking incessant guitar riffs and driving drums, with the infusing of prog rock melodies, death metal grunts and shouts, and seamless pace switches the track is impressive and even more so when the wonderful voice of Lisa starts to lace the song with her energy. Her great smooth voice blends with and compliments the harder sounds and attack so well, each element showing their strength without detracting from the other showing great creativity in the songwriting, composition, and production.

This track immediately stakes a claim for best song on the release but as the EP plays it is challenged song by song especially with the likes of the excellent engaging indie pop of ‘Back Down’ with a punk heart that illuminates the track, the heavy post punk riffage laden  ‘Fading Out’, and the blended metal/pop urgency of ‘Obsideo’. All tracks show the excellent diversity the band brings to their music; no track is similar to another with each having its own style that though influenced by many spices is distinctly Never The Last Breath. The combination of Manti and Dan (guitars), MilkyBar Kid (bass), Oolay (drums) and Lisa create music that defies description and labelling, and it would be a surprise if anyone could not find something for them within this release. From punk rock, metal of varied shades to indie pop fans there is something for everyone within the tapestry of sound Never The Last Breath creates.

As mentioned every song is striving for best track of the EP and really because of the quality of all it will vary in choice from listener to listener, saying that though the obvious contenders are two versions of the same song. ‘Chick’ is a brooding absorbing mix of light and dark moving from enticing and incessant metal grooves into a dark heavy into intrusive and threatening black weave of metal. Lisa’s voice enhancing every stage of the song backed by harsh guttural growls, think early Senser/Suicide Silence and it gives vague idea. The Price Of Diversity also contains a remix of the song where the vocals with and there is an aggressive death metal male lead now backed by Lisa. From this vocals change the dynamics of the song are effective wonderfully changed bringing a death metal intensity and primal passion to an already excellent song. There is nothing to choose between either tracks both are distinct but equally excellent.

  The Price Of Diversity verges on perfection, it really is that good and impressive.  As mentioned there is no way to accurately describe the sound of Never The Last Breath to others, maybe No Doubt crossed with Iwrestledabearonce and Asking Alexander, though it still is a mere clue only. What is evident is that this EP had to be checked out by all who want something special in their music.

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