Powerwolf – Blood Of The Saints

Blood Of The Saints the new album from German metalers Powerwolf is not simply just another simple studio release, their fourth album on Metal Blade Records was a long and determined piece of  creativity. Recorded across multiple studios and in a 13th Century church for choir segments it is a labour of love that completely shows through over the eleven striking and infectious tracks. Their work and intensive thought in making the album work at the height of its ability is as impressive as the big power metal sounds, harmonies and choruses themselves. Guitarist Matthew Greywolf of the band commented “We’re really excited about this album. It’s been a hard piece of work, but it was so goddamn worth it. I think on Blood Of The Saints we really delivered a striking balance of mighty melodic stuff and some serious wolfish metal madness, all dressed up in some highly catchy tunes. We can hardly wait until the album is finally out and we can celebrate these tunes together with all of you. Be prepared!”
Founded by Matthew and his brother and fellow guitarist in the band Charles, Powerwolf have continued and moved on from their acclaimed previous album Bible Of The Beast with the new release bringing their blasphemous/religious/occult content inside big powerful, enveloping songs. It has to be said this Review never expected to ever be won over or write positive things about a power metal band but the fact is this album is stunning.
The album starts with the intro of ‘Agnus Dei’ leading into a trio of glorious tracks and the best three on the album. ‘Sanctified With Dynamite’ immediately bursts into big vocals, Attila Dorn in impressive full flow over rapidly jabbing drums and majestic church organ sounds from Falk Maria Schlegel. The song is incessant pulling one into its heart to join in with the chorus and feel the power, though that can be claimed of most of the tracks on Blood Of The Saints to be fair.  
We Drink Your Blood’ and ‘Murder At Midnight’ keep the quality coming, their vocal cord bursting choruses, flowing harmonic guitars and probing rhythms certain to get any warm blooded rocker fist pumping to the sky. The drumming duties after the departure of Tom Diener were taken by Roel van Helden on the album and to say he did a fine job is being unjust to his brilliant contribution to each track and especially on these two songs.
Every track of the album though is of such a high standard and it is a joyous surprise for those of us not even remotely having any affection for the genre but there is a variation and vibrancy of sounds and ideas that make it all work perfectly. After such a strong start one could expect a dip in levels after but songs like the Tyr/Dommin spiced ‘Dead Boys Don’t Cry’, the creative guitar flowing ‘Night Of The Werewolves’, and the powerful epic ‘Phantom Of The Funeral’ all show that Powerwolf know how to and do write and deliver songs that consume more than just the ear and all to a high standard.
One can see the band maybe not appeal to everyone but the creativity from the heavy rampant riffs to the symphonic glory within some tracks is undeniable and impressive. If one has a small part in their heart that can feel for big lung busting vocals, soul soaring sound, and primal gifted rhythms then Powerwolf and Blood Of The Saints is your next musical destination.


RingMaster 23/07/2011

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