The Body Electric – Positive Charge EP

The Body Electric are the latest band showing that DIY is the way forward for nearly all bands in regard to their music and releases whether they like it or not, though artists do not have much choice in many ways with the decline of labels and their diminishing interest in signing real music with the intention of making it a long term project. What these rock punks from Pennsylvania do though is embrace the fact and put all their energy into their music and band rather than hang onto the old dream of being signed. An energy that has resulted in a fine release in the Positive Charge EP, a six track gem that ripples with fine riffs, melodies, and the beginnings of a major breakout into the world’s musical awareness if justice is served.

The songs that The Body Electric has filled Positive Charge with range from punk rock through to rock with a few other spices thrown into the mix, at any point you might hear a sound that seems inspired from Bad Religion and Green Day or in other parts just as easily a little A.F.I. or Foo Fighters flavouring comes through. The best thing about the release though is that the sound is all The Body Electric as they use their influences as decoration and not as the core to their creativity.  

Flag Of The Dead’ opens up the EP with a Rise Against/Alkaline Trio like tint to it. Forceful and direct it is a strong opener in sound and lyrical purpose. ‘Man Without A Soul’ takes over again with a pleasing solid attack, the guitar riffs drawing the listener in as the vocal harmonies expand the driving sound neatly. It is very much in the same mould as the opener and equally as satisfying.

The release turns to a more pop punk sound on ‘Broadcast Fiction’ bringing the hook insistent flavouring of a Green Day or Bad Religion as mentioned before. The slower paced ‘Love Is What’s Taken’ carries on the same feel with the added joy of some good rock guitar moments and great keyboard sounds. It is possibly the weakest track on Positive Charge but only in relation to the other tracks and is better than most pop punk songs currently appearing elsewhere.

The final two tracks on the EP are the best. Firstly ‘Reason You Leave’ is a glorious emotive punk tune, full of driving guitars and feeling it is simply a classic that refuses to be ignored and nor should it be. The closing song ‘Back From The Dead’, as with the first of these two tracks starts with a slow vocal intro before exploding into a full out punk anthem. Multiple vocals all flowing perfectly alongside each other over an insistent rhythm wrapped in great hooks and melodies forms a song that has one singing along in seconds, the track is an essential listen for all punk fans.

Positive Charge is a great release and shows a band on a definite rise. It may not break new boundaries but it certainly suggests that could be on the near horizon with future releases from The Body Electric. If you want good honest and most of all enjoyable punk rock than this is your first port of call. The fact that Positive Charge is available for free as a download makes the experience even sweeter, go treat yourselves.

Download The Body Electric EP Positive Charge for FREE at

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