Symphony of Gunfire – Self Titled

With the release of their self-titled album Edinburgh band Symphony Of Gunfire have concreted what many have been saying around the UK for a while, that there is a new force in rock emerging. A reputation for energetic and passion drenched live shows goes before them and with their debut album the quartet show they can carry it into their recordings just as well. Their sound, an instinctive blend of hard rock, melodic shred metal with a splash of thrash here and there, is a driving and creative beast that their name represents perfectly. It majestically caresses and swoops around the ear whilst hitting hard with shotgun effect.

  Symphony of Gunfire has evolved from their previous guise Adastra (UK) to create and release a debut as the first step to world awareness before domination. Mixed and mastered at Joy Street Sound by Bullets And Octane bassist Brent Clawson (Story Of The Year, Bullets And Octane, Wednesday 13, The Knives) the album highlights an awaiting force determined to consume more and more willing ears and hearts.  

From the opening track ‘No Rats Land’ the band hits hard and skilfully, the pounding rhythm attack from Andy Armour and Steve Platt, bass and drums respectively, builds a firm framework for the guitar of Mark Grant to drive and deliver a tapestry of melodic sounds alongside appealing aggressive riffs. The powerful vocals of Barry Chiz impress and complete an extremely satisfying sound, his voice intense and soaring in all the right places complimenting the music perfectly.

The strength across the tracks is immense and consistent, songs like ‘Same Mistake’, ‘Iron Wolf’, and ‘End Of Ends’ which plays like a band anthem, are all well written and delivered to the highest level and very eager and infectious to the ear. Despite this high standard to the album one track does stands out and will no doubt be the song every fan will bay for in the future. ‘There Will Be Blood’ is as intense and aggressive as the name suggests, an explosion of energy that causes ultimate damage. With elements from the likes of Megadeth, Metallica, and Anthrax as apparent and appealing as the direct metal from an In Flames the track is glorious, a triumphant declaration. With inspirational guitar sounds and a sweet solo laid side by side with explosive machine gun delivered vocals and battle ready riffs there is no surprise the song has already garnered much praise and airplay, as well as the band being strongly featured on The Reputation Radio Show.

  Symphony of Gunfire as a band and album is an essential investigation for all that love metal and rock that thrives on expressive guitar work, riffs that weaken knees and an overall sound that pleasures the soul all delivered with impressive skill. If there is one band you need to check out this year Symphony of Gunfire is it.

Pete RingMaster 10/07/2011 Registered & Protected


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