We’re No Heroes – Quiet Colours EP

It seems with the emergence of every new band with something just slightly different to their sound yet another sub-genre is created and labelled and then quickly filled by more bands in the same ilk. Math pop is one of the newer examples and Welsh band We’re No Heroes a fine example and exponent of a style that is when simplified a lighter more accessible form of math rock.

Quiet Colours is the new EP from the South Wales band consisting of four tracks which are engaging and intriguing. Despite its recent release it has already garnered much praise and exposure which now upon hearing the release it is not a big surprise. The songs are varied musically and vocally where the band without a main singer has different members taking the lead on tracks backed fully by the others

We’re No Heroes formed in the summer of 2009 in the unlikely place of a derelict downtown Chicago studio. There the sound and form of the band was decided, and upon relocating back to Wales and Cardiff they released their debut EP Crossing Over. A good response followed off the back of that but it is Quiet Colours that has really ignited things even in its short lease of life so far.

The trio of Tom Collins (guitar/vocals), Dewey Owen (bass/vocals) and Luke Llewellyn (drums/vocals) recorded the new EP at the Ripefruit Recordings studio in Cardiff with respected producer Jordan Andrews alongside. Together they produced four songs from an initial eight demos that are strong, creative, and most importantly very enjoyable. ‘Atlantic Hearts’ opens the EP and instantly a notable trait of the track is the neatly crafted guitar play and the deep pulsing bass. Continuation through the songs shows this is a constant pleasure that the band delivers.  The strong and driving drums carry each song firmly but it is the bass that is the highlight throughout.  

It is a definite solid start improves even more with second song ‘Empty Beat’, its jangly guitars and consistent rhythm and its slight disco feel working delightfully. The best track on the EP, ‘Tigers’, goes further to raise the level of the EP with its addictive basslines and inventive hooks creating a sound that is part Baddies/Futureheads part Foals.

Latitudes’ closes up the quality package of songs. Slightly less forceful in pace to the others it carries a post 80’s punk feel, moody and emotive. Though not as instant as the other three slices of indie pop it is a definite grower and after subsequent plays is just as strong as any other song.

Quiet Colours is available now on At Your Own Risk and is definitely worth attention especially from those already enticed by flavours from the likes of Foals, Colour, and Maps & Atlases. With their inviting melodies and enthralling sound We’re No Heroes show they are a band to be watched as they blossom into a name on the majority of music lovers tongues.


RingMaster 09/07/2011

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http://player.soundcloud.com/player.swf?url=http%3A%2F%2Fapi.soundcloud.com%2Ftracks%2F15974868 We’re No Heroes- Empty Beat by Soundandvisionpr


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  1. They are a great band! I LOVE YOU guys <333333333


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