Deadend In Venice – See You On The Ground

Since their formation in 2008 Leipzig band Deadend In Venice have steadily grown into their own form of melodic death metal and in the process gained a firm and enthusiastic following. Now with the release of their debut album See You On The Ground that fan base should rapidly grow as their distinctive sound finds many more eager ears.
Combining melodic death metal with the elegant beauty of a female voice has the effect of being not only different but also impressively effective. Of course it needs a voice that can deliver and Annabell Klein certainly possesses one, lighting up each track as well as creating an excellent blend with and being an effective counterpart to the harsh growls of Christian Litzba.
See You On The Ground runs nine tracks that are consistent and satisfying, the mix of regular death metal sound with thrash riffs and engaging melodies being very agreeable. Tracks like the forceful ‘Personal Decay’, ‘Long Way Home’, and the gothic tinged ‘Last Chances’ are bursting with powerful riffs and intuitive melodies, the guitars of Kevin Klein and Tim Schmidtke striking and direct but never indulgent even in the strong solos.  
Though primarily classed as death metal Deadend In Venice musically stay well to the melodic side but that does not mean they are without the power or intensity to rival harder sounding bands. On the aggressive ‘War’ the band hits hard and deep, the driving impressive drums of Frank Koppe and the excellent bass riffs of Andreas Ackermann take no prisoners. The duo excel on most tracks and on the albums best song ‘Brain Execution’ they combine perfectly to create a intimidating framework that allows the guitars and dual vocal attack of Klein and Litzba to create their chemistry.
The German sextet are adventurous in their sound as previously indicated and on ‘Dirty Little Princess’ go a further step with the whole vocals left for Klein and a stunning job she does over the smooth melody flowing and still forceful sound. The track shows not only the ability of the band but also they are not afraid to try new things, something which will see them only grow bigger and better in the future.
Faults on the album are few and far between but if there is one it is a need for a variation in the vocals from Litzba. He is strong and a great counter to Klein, his harsh tones often a big part of the aggressive energy the band creates, but there is a similarity in tracks from his vocal parts. Not a big issue as the music and songs as a whole work so well and he is as much a part for their success as anyone.
Available now on Casket Music, See You On The Ground is a strong and impressive debut, an album from a band full of invention and confidence. Deadend In Venice on this showing is on the right road, a direction that with natural progression should see them break well beyond their homeland.
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