Seilenos – God For The Blind

To make the first track available to the cyber world a near ten minute epic is a brave move for any artist but this is just what Norwich, UK band Seilenos has done. This shows the quintet has a strong confidence in their ability and sound which the track God for The Blind more than proves is valid and the strongest of bases to work from. The band was formed in 2009 by guitarist Darryl Hannan and drummer Sam Spalding with the aim “To make music that did not just sound good with punishing heaviness and charismatic melodies but also use their advanced theory to create a damn good tune to make you pump your horns in the air!”, as quoted in their bio. Their sound is a flowing blend of progressive and math metal fused with a more hardcore intensity and aggression, God for The Blind the debut statement of intent for their musical ethic.

The track opens with a progressive feel, the endearing guitar at the start teasing the notes out whilst a slight discordant feel oozes over it. Hannan and fellow guitarist Phil Dukes immediately show they have a firm hold on the tracks direction and sound and as they open up into more involved interplay the neat bass of Jack Dean steps forward and shows a clean groove that compliments. It is at this point that the only real negative on the track is apparent and that is with the opening vocals of Jim Gordon. Now let’s make it clear the guy can sing as proved during the songs journey especially when it gets dirtier and darker but at the start he seems to struggle a little. Whether it is just not his strongest delivery style or more than likely he got sucked in by the slightly discordant flow at the start it is nothing a keener production would not remedy and as mentioned he more than makes up for it later in the song.  

There are many transitions within the track the first after 3 minutes or so when Spalding explodes with his sticks and the tracks expansion is forceful with blazing guitars and menacing growls. Each switch is smoothly and seamlessly done and where some bands try and end up with a song that feels like it is a mix of parts latched together, Seilenos make it all work as one flowing movement of sound perfectly. There is a definite Between The Buried and Me feel to the track with an infusion of the dark edge from bands like Tombs and SiKth, the ten minutes easily passing with ease and enjoyment.

God for The Blind ripples with experimental promise and a firmly positive future for Seilenos. With an impressive musical ability and realisation of ideas that unites intricate melodic progressive with direct pressing hardcore they have produced a track that will make more than just a few take notice and though it probably needs a more polished production for their debut demo it will open more eyes and doors before them. This band is on the way to bigger things so it is rather special to watch and listen from the start

Pete RingMaster 14/06/2011 Registered & Protected

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