Ideals – Reflections

Ipswich band Ideals swiftly drew attention their way from the moment of their formation in early 2010 and an almost immediate deal with Intruder Records. Through the year the release of four strong singles, Lungs, Love Song, Forever Leisure, and Don’t Tell Anyone, from the now London based quartet further confirmed their promise and showed an instinctive ability to write impressive melodic and dramatic songs. This year has already seen the release of the immense Significant Other and May sees the continuation of the bands progress and growing fan base with their new single Reflections. Eventually this and Significant Other will form part of an EP with four new tracks to be released later in the summer but for now it stands alone as a beacon for the great sound that is Ideals and currently as a free download before its official release July 4th.           

Reflections simmers over an unrelenting scorching bass riff that drives the song forward but without overpowering the creativity of the sweetly vibrant guitars which flesh the track out with at times solemn feelings and in others moments lift it into dynamic crescendos. The rhythm spine of Simon Wilson on bass and the drums of Ben Ward bring the perfect balance to the stirring guitars of Johnny Healey and vocalist Andrew Major. Lyrically Ideals are typically poetic but without the words losing their sharpness, whilst the delivery of Majors enhances the self reflection feeling which resonates from within the melancholic sounds, all combining to create a song that is felt as well as heard. At times the track has a slight feel of Divine Comedy fused with Pulp but with a potent darker touch that lifts it out onto its own unique plateau.

Though it does not quite reach the immense heights of its classic predecessor, and it is a comment on the quality of the former and not anything negative about this release, Reflections is an inspiring and wonderful piece of well thought out and realised song writing, played with balanced control and passion. Ideals are part of and in many ways leading a new indie trinity of bands that create music that is felt as much as heard, the other two Letters and Galleries also making music that one slips into with all senses and thoughts. Ideals stand out though and whether with lively dynamic tracks or mellow potent songs tinged with sadness they are always irresistible and freshly thrilling. This year should be the moment they truly step into the light for many more fans of real music.

Pete RingMaster 21/05/2011 Registered & Protected

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