Galleries – Darkness Coming


Guitar led indie bands are quite prevalent currently but few produce music with a depth that reaches beyond the ear and stays long after the sounds have ceased their charms. Glasgow quartet Galleries are one of the few exceptions. Their indie rock/pop has character and layers that result in songs which are full and very satisfying. Early 2010 the band made their first mark with the Galleries EP and notably the track Underground Overground, instantly making an impact on many people. The single Rocket Science improved upon that reaction as well as showing a further progression in their writing skills and new single Darkness Coming is another impressive step in their development though that is not to say they are lacking in any department now.   

Currently working on their debut album, Galleries have released Darkness Coming with a clear message that this is an indication of what will fill the future release and it will be worth all the eager anticipation. The song is simply a great pop song, instant and addictive but without submitting to any cheap tricks or obvious lures for the listener. The striking delicious dark bass riff from Adam Hall, the firm and taut drums of Andrew Black, and the soaring guitar play from Paul Campsie and David McAdam combine to tell a melody laced musical story. The vocals of McAdam are smooth with an occasional pleading tone that brought a sense of 80’s artist Pete Wylie, and bringing an edge to the quietly atmospheric sounds especially with the subdued backup vocals. Darkness Coming is also one of those great songs that is easily accessible but also cleverly holds something back for discovery on subsequent plays.

Already no strangers to air play with BBC Radio 1 Scotland, Darkness Coming will surely ensure that is repeated and further afield, especially with their popular live shows and festival appearances attracting more and more fans and great interest. Galleries are a band to watch and enjoy right now and the sooner their album appears from over the horizon the better. Theirs is a sound that just feels right in every way and leaves them wanting more every time.

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