Dead Boy Robotics and The Machine Room – Tape Singles Club

The 23rd of May sees the first presentation of the Tape Singles Club as well respected boutique recording studio in the centre of Edinburgh Tape, in celebration of their new 2011 studio, are releasing a series of vinyl split singles featuring some of the great artists they have worked with. The plan of Tape Singles Club to release three of these singles a year, each featuring 2 bands, kicks off with its first entry with a track each from Edinburgh bands Dead Boy Robotics and The Machine Room. Both bands having recorded EPs at the studio caught the ears and hearts of those behind Tape and have been given the honour of heading this new series of releases.

The Dead Boy Robotics track is ‘Ever’, a song taken from their forthcoming debut album which will be released later in 2011. This album and their debut EP Tale Of The Winter Kids were both recorded at Tape; the duo of Gregor McMillan and Mike Bryant winning over the studio team with their creative blends of sounds and genres. ‘Ever’ is a delicious soundscape of sounds, a musical journey drawing in crisp melodic synth swirls light and dark in tone, striking guitar and bass rips that give the track depth and a contrasting edge to the atmospheric melodies, and flowing smooth vocals punctuated with screams and yelps. There is originality about the track that is rarely seen these days and the way the band fuse the almost haunting soft synths tones into the gutsy dark guitar tension is impressive and very satisfying. An eager and stylish well created song; it is the perfect way to kick off a series of releases as well as a teaser for the new album. This track alone enthuses one into diving upon the release when it sees the light of day.

   The Machine Room gives a neat synth pop offering to partner and complete this first split release. The quintet comprising of Tom Adam, John Bryden, Adie Emanuel, Scott Hitchings, and Ryan Marinello deliver a delightful and perfectly complimentary but contrasting track to its ‘sister’. Light and summery ‘Girly’ has an ethereal quality from the music and soft falsetto tones of singer Bryden. Its chorus a full and enrapturing wave of upbeat joy makes a clever and important break between, like on ‘Ever’, the haunting verses which walk the edge of emotional despair wonderfully. The Machine Room, though coming with a different array of sounds and attack, bring forth thoughts of another great Edinburgh band Letters; both able to conjure through their uncomplicated but inspired music, emotions within the listener that stays long after the track is done. It would be fair to say Dead Boy Robotics make that a trio of bands who can claim this.
The very first Tape Singles Club release is simply a wonderful debut edition in this new exciting series of music; showing the depth and quality of new artists in Edinburgh, the definite promise of the near future arrival of more from the bands, and the quality of the recording, production, and mixing abilities of Tape studios. The only drawback is the wait until single two comes our way though until then this will more than suffice.
Tape Singles Club is released on limited edition 7″ vinyl on the 23rd May and promoted by four Scottish launch party dates for details go to

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