Miniature Dinosaurs: Turn It On EP

Building on the success of earlier releases, Scottish indie tunesmiths Miniature Dinosaurs release their new EP, Turn It On, confirming all the early promise and why there is an impossible to ignore buzz around the band. The four track release still indicates there is much more to come and be explored within their creativity and songwriting, which only fires up a stronger eagerness to watch them develop ahead.

From Stirling, the quartet of Barry Maclean (vocals/guitar), Alban Dickson (bass), Craig Ferrie (guitar/synth) and Sam Waller (drums), has been igniting attention and keen responses from day one, the band receiving BBC airplay before they stepped onto a stage and pulling acclaim from all quarters. Once into their stride live, Miniature Dinosaurs has supported the likes of Fenech-Soler, Johnny Foreigner, and Young the Giant to again nothing less than strongly positive returns whilst at the same time releasing singles and EPs of quirky and imaginative infectious pop. TheTurn It On EP is arguably a little bit of a surprise, the tracks maybe less instant than previous tracks like Alligator and Fight And Flight, but they all show a fresh expanse to their songwriting in tandem with a more intricate and serious breath to their still contagious imagination. The quartet of almost psych drawn pop songs brings a heated experience to feast upon without restraint, whilst taking thoughts on a ride of unpredictable and fiery invention to wake them up and spark their own individual responses. Their sound again feels like a invigorating mix of David Bowie, Josef K, and Pulp but even more so on these new tracks, carries the feel and drama of the Associates, with even vocally Maclean having whispers of Billy Mackenzie in the gait of his delivery. They are spicy extras to the uniqueness of the band and music, something to ensure as mentioned it is impossible to ignore.

Released through Integrity Records, the EP opens with the download single which found strong success over the summer, Lemonade. The song is the most straight forward companion of the four, an easy to consume piece of pop with a mellow and warm presence. As its keys stroke the ear with gentle warmth, the beats of Waller divert the attention to a core of feistier intent within the song, soon joined by the muscular and slightly barbed basslines of Dickson. The crystalline yet discord barked guitar play lashes the ear within and around the shadowed rhythms to open up the senses further, the track never bursting into a riot of energy but capturing the passions with the emotive deliverance of keys and vocals alongside the moodier and more forceful elements elsewhere.

The great start is followed by best track on the release in Lip Synch. The song opens with a provocative questioning lyrically and musically, the guitar, bass, and drums prodding until they get a response and the synth slowly offering its own seductive persuasion. The simple but effective start is a slow build which is masked by the captivating sonic spotlights and melodic teases. Eventually one is face to face with a powerful and dramatic crescendo of passion and energy in the chorus, a dazzling and explosive joy to leave one breathless. Repeating the opening and climax again the track taunts and thrills with further expressive enterprise within the repetitive but irresistible structure of the song. It is glorious, maybe the best thing Miniature Dinosaurs has done.

Next of Kin is a sonic sun of sharp and pulsating guitars and epic keys driven atmospheres speared by the again excellent dark bass tones of Dickson. The track has a heart as big as its sounds and makes immersing within its emotive very easy and rewarding. Like its predecessor, the track has denseness to its gift which stretches and shows the evolution of the creativity of the band though it still has the ability to engage with impressive contagion.

The closing title track like the first is a song with a more instantaneous pop swagger, one you can jump on board with like an old friend and join its new but familiar mischief with ease. It brings a compulsive end to an equally addictive release that marks Miniature Dinosaurs as a band continuing to shout out look at us, something which with Turn It On EP alone would be rude to refuse.

RingMaster 21/10/2012

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Miniature Dinosaurs – Lemonade

Last year Scottish band Miniature Dinosaurs opened up a flood of attention their way with the mischievous and wholly infectious single Alligator. The track was strongly impressive and put all on alert for what came next from the band. August 13th sees new single Lemonade let loose to show that the success and quality of its predecessors was no flash In the pan and that the quartet from Stirling is one of the brightest sparks to have recently emerged within UK indie music.

The new track is taken from the upcoming Turn It On EP, which comes out in October alongside a second single from the release. Whereas Alligator was a greedy bundle of energy with a wicked grin upon its face, Lemonade finds the band exploring a more expressive and seductive sound though the track is no less infectious and short of a tongue in cheek breath. Their first release since signing with Integrity Records, who brought the likes of Reuben and Million Dead to the nation, it is another impressive step in the constant rise Miniature Dinosaurs has been on since their beginning. The band at their start found themselves receiving radio play months before their first ever gig and on stage has thrilled alongside the likes of Fenech-Soler, Johnny Foreigner, Twin Atlantic and Young the Giant. Singles through Electric Honey and Saraseto Records has only added fuel to their growth and as one listens to Lemonade and with the upcoming EP, it feels that the time of Miniature Dinosaurs is on the very near horizon.

The single instantly bursts in to life with a flurry of vibrant jangly guitars and firm rhythms before settling down to begin its tale of young romantic angst. The bass of Alban Dickson strolls with a moodiness adding depth to the elevated guitar play and the whispered tones of the synths from Craig Ferrie. Within the warm sounds the vocals of guitarist Barry Maclean are an expressive delight which explore each note and word he delivers with a compulsive emotive lilt. The track then brings in bursts of energetic passion where the beats of Sam Waller ensure a fuller attention from the ear so the melodic enterprise and discordant tinged surface of the guitars can play with relish. It is a glorious blend which along its length brings thoughts of bands like Associates, Orange Juice, Pulp, and Josef K to the unique sound the band conjures with ease.

Lemonade is outstanding and incites an even more elevated affection for the contagious sounds of Miniature Dinosaurs. The Turn It On EP cannot come soon enough and there is no doubt the band will become a constant on radio shows and channels with their sounds and accompanying videos of this and the forthcoming releases.

RingMaster 10/08/2012

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My Tiny Robots – My Tiny Robots

Following the releases of Edinburgh band My Tiny Robots each step of the way has been not only rewarding but slightly nostalgic. Each track that comes our way from the quartet has us not only drooling in anticipation and delight at the results but likening them to eighties Scottish post punk/pop band Josef K. As the new single also called My Tiny Robots is unleashed May 28th, that comparison goes much further than in flavours of sound.  My Tiny Robots is arguably the first band since Josef K to draw the same emotions as a release appears over the horizon. Musically they are uniquely distinctive from everyone else but each track they unveil is individual too, offering nothing but intrigue and an exciting prospect. You can never expect what you get, apart from the quality, and find oneself surprised at where they go and what they invent each time, and like the works of their older Scots the songs linger within long after they have taken flight from the ear.

My Tiny Robots is the last of a trio of singles to be released digitally and as a very special and limited physical edition via Woodthief Records. It follows the previous striking duo of tracks Guild Of Defiants and Zut Alor, both skilled and intelligent pieces of songwriting and music to inflame the passions. The band from the start with their debut EP Some Of My Best Ideas through the following EP Rock Bossa Nova Four Beat Black, has shown invention and imagination to their songs but this trio of releases has found a new elevation in  maturity and invention which is nothing less than impressive. It would not be too far to say the foursome of Dylan Childs (lead vocals, guitar), Ryan Marinello (guitar, drums, keys, vocals), Russell Williams (bass, keys), and Gareth Anderson (drums, percussion), stand in a small crowd of bands able to create tunes as instinctive to our passions as their own.

The track starts with a dusty rock guitar, its presence on the horizon a pull into the electronic breath and thick atmosphere brewing beneath. Once more Childs hits us with that wonderful Edwyn Collins toned voice as the electronic essences and weaves mill around the ear like early mist. The track does not take long to kick up a storm of electrified scuzz as the guitars and bass find angles and sounds as wonderfully discordant as they are caustically melodic nor does it take long to transport feelings back to the early Postcard label days to add to the unpredictable and inciteful ambience.  The song swings from relative calm into dirty frantic maelstrom of sounds and energy and back throughout and it is never less than hypnotic.

Arguably not the most accessible of the three tunes it is the most creative and striking with an infection just as deep as those with more barbed and inescapable hooks. The singles have shown the band in evolution and onto an even higher plateau with My Tiny Robots the most rewarding of all. Let us just hope the last of the triplet does not mean a long wait for the next instalment from the band, indie and music in general needs a constant output from My Tiny Robots, it is as simple as that.

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My Tiny Robots – Zut Alor

With each release Edinburgh’s My Tiny Robots has shone brighter and engaged deeper with their eclectic melodic discordant sounds. From their debut release the Some Of My Best Ideas EP of 2007 through to the free to download single ‘Rock Bossa Nova Four Beat Black’ via the Rock Bossa Nova EP the quartet has intrigued and thrilled with their imaginative well crafted songs.

November of last year saw the release of the first of three singles from the band in the shape of the captivating ‘Guild Of Defiants’. This past week saw the release of single two ‘Zut Alor’ and yet another mesmeric and sparkling release from the quirk pop band. Once more the distinct melodic yet discord spiced vocal combination of Dylan Childs and Ryan Marinello swarm all over their own jangly hypnotic guitars. Backed by the thoughtful rhythms of drummer Gareth Anderson and the moody bass of Russell Williams the foursome create their own unique sound. In a previous review of ‘Guild Of Defiants’ which we loved we ended by saying “the song is not ground breaking as such and does not deliver any striking surprises…” To clarify that and to put it into context with regard to the band’s music, against all other current contemporaries My Tiny Robot offer fully original and inspired songs that few if any match in sound. What the band does do though is bring forth the intelligent and musical quiddities of very early Orange Juice and definitely the brilliant Josef K. Whether intentional or by chance there is a certain defined similarity and evolution from the 80’s band’s sound, reinterpreted into their own striking creations which is the reason for the original comment.

Zut Alor’ starts on an emotively touching subdued feel, caressing the ear for a soothing minute before unfurling tantalising guitars and firm rhythms. The single has a more chaotic feel once it swells into its full texture making it less instant then the previous single but more adventurous and eventful. As with most of their songs ‘Zut Alor’ is instinctively anthemic, it invites and encourages spirit and voice to join its call without trying.

Released with Wood Thief Recordings, ‘Zut Alor’ is another dazzling track from My Tiny Robots and leads to the eagerest anticipation and impatience for third single ‘My Tiny Robots’ later in the year.

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My Tiny Robots – Zut Alor



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My Tiny Robots – Guild Of Defiants

From the first time the new single ‘Guild Of Defiants’ sparkles in the ear it is unmissable where My Tiny Robots come from. Revisiting and reinterpreting the Scottish quirky pop sound and inspired songwriting which first graced the world from the likes of Orange Juice, The Bluebells, and Josef K, the Edinburg quartet lead a new bunch of incisive and striking indie pop creators including bands like Letters and Miniature Dinosaurs. My Tiny Robots are flavoured more directly from the early Postcard sound adding it to their own uniqueness to create music and a single that is strongly emotive and engaging.

Guild Of Defiants’ is the first of three singles from the band to be released digitally and as a very special and limited physical edition via Woodthief Records. Following previous and acclaimed releases in their debut EP Some Of My Best Ideas and the follow up EP Rock Bossa Nova Four Beat Black, the foursome return with a song that captures the imagination with its carefully crafted melodies and uncluttered tight guitars. Along with their EP’s, the sharing of stages with the likes of The Maccabees , Jack Penate, and Minus The Bear has increased their standing and this new single will only reinforce and expand their status as one of the more exciting indie pop makers around.

From the opening jangly guitar and Edwyn Collins like vocals from guitarist Dylan Childs one knows what they are going to get, insightful and wonderfully crafted sounds, it is that apparent that quickly. Of course previous songs have also shown this but even to newcomers to My Tiny Robots their skill and intelligent touch is easy to see right away. Harmonised vocals with Childs and fellow guitarist Ryan Marinello ease the way for the song to make its way deeper into the heart guided by firm and patient rhythms from bassist Russell Williams and Gareth Anderson on drums. The song has an element of the Orange Juice track ‘Simply Thrilled Honey’ about it, clasping the slightly discordant melodies tightly to its chest. The added scuzzed guitar sounds as the song reaches its climax gives the track an extra edge and layer to seal a triumphant return and song.

It would be honest to say that the song is not ground breaking as such and does not deliver any striking surprises but what ‘Guild Of Defiants’ does do is make one feel warm and completely content with its charismatic touching melodies and heart stirring creativity far more than other singles released this year so far. A great pop song should do more and go deeper than simply gracing the ear, something My Tiny Robots instinctively have the ability to eagerly do.

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